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“Nova Skipp brings poise to the role of Fanny’s mother” (Manuel Harlan on ‘Funny Girl’) 
“Sharp witted and unstoppable” ( for Funny Girl)

“Nova Skipp as the over-theatrical mother, Judith, is a joy to behold, riding along on the crest of past glories and memories, sidestepping a plethora of barbed comments and giving back as good as she gets. Her vocal performance, accompanying herself on the piano, is one of the highlights of the night.” (Barry Dix on ‘Hay Fever’)

“Nova Skipp (Kathryn) brings great complexity to her role” (Downstage Centre for ‘Apartment 40C’)

“…The desperately sad finale, ‘A Child’, sung superbly from the depths of a shattered heart by Skipp, is as fine a closing moment you’ll witness on the current fringe scene” (Musical Theatre Review on ‘Apartment 40C’)

“The two mature actors (Peter Gerald and Nova Skipp) give exceptional performances and are quite wonderful” (Remote Goat on ‘Apartment 40C)

“Nova Skipp works hard to make us care about a character who has few show stopping opportunities” ( on ‘Damn Yankees’)

“I have a soft spot for Nova Skipp, an actress fully deserving of West End leads here playing the quietly ignored Meg Boyd and bringing real quality to the gentle ballad ‘A Man Doesn’t Know’”( on ‘Damn Yankees’)

“As Mrs Smith, Nova Skipp is the steady hand on the family tiller, and she gives a nicely contained performance” ( on ‘Meet me in St. Louis’)

“Nova Skipp is utterly brilliant in her very different roles. As far as the audience are concerned, each character she plays could well have been a different actress performing” (‘Kes’ at Derby Theatre)

”…Nova Skipp…shows off her incredible range in numbers as diverse as ‘Sooner or later’ to the haunting ‘One more Kiss’” ( for ‘Just Another Love Story’)

”…Darren Bennett and Nova Skipp float elegantly through Novello’s romantic numbers” (Michael Billington for The Guardian on ‘The Two most perfect things’)

“Any singer who sets out to impersonate Julie Andrews, really throws down the gauntlet, and I am delighted and amazed to report that in music from The Boyfriend, My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music and the rest, Nova rose to every challenge with style, vocal perfection and impeccable audibility.” – Robin Gregory of the Eastbourne Herald regarding the Sound Of Julie

“Nova has an exquisite voice” – Encore Magazine

“What can you say about Nova Skipp? She should be a hugely famous leading lady, possessing not only an amazing voice but also has great stage presence and beauty” – Musical Stages

“West End musical star Nova Skipp is the soaring and haunting voice of the invisible Kes” – York Local Press on Kes the Musical

“…sings in the voices of her father’s favourites…quite a task for an actress, and one that Nova Skipp is stunningly up to” – in reference to The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

“Nova Skipp is a perfect Julie, suitably demure yet determined and has a lovely pure singing voice” – Perth Courier on Carousel